Primus OG (Club Private)

Primus, also called Primus OG, is a complex indica strain that combines Arcata, Trainwreck, and 303 OG. Each parent strain passes on something special to Primus: Arcata with its creative activation, Trainwreck with its long-lasting euphoria, and 303 OG with its sour fruit flavors. This trifecta of duration, fragrance, and quality of high makes for a potent hybrid cherished by patients and recreational consumers alike. For those using cannabis medicinally, consider choosing Primus for evening management of depression, anxiety, appetite loss, or pain relief (You will not fine this strain any were in SD at the moment beside @ Westlake) MEDICAL: Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite, Depression, Insomnia. FLAVOR: Sweet, Citrus, Pungent. EFFECT: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Dry Mouth

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